I heard some people at the water cooler say that the days of huge comment counts are over.

It’s rumored that sites like Google+ and Tumblr and Pinterest have made it too hard to build an active, on-site community.

While I do agree with some of that theory I also think it’s only part of the story.

Many of us do still get a lot of comments.

Because I often get asked about my own bulging comment counts I decided to make a little video talking about what I do to encourage regular ranting (you know who you are!).

Ironically, I’d like you to leave a comment telling me whether you have trouble getting comments on your blog and what strategies you’ve tried.

Three strategies I use to get more comments

These three strategies are things I’ve talked about before but as they form a really important part of my own strategy I wanted to consolidate them in a short video. Check it out below and make sure you subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more videos. These things take two hours to upload!

Some of the things I talk about include:

  • Whether or not you should close comments after 30 days
  • Why naming your community can help
  • The impact of “the journey” on your community
  • What Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness told me about his blog comments
  • An embarrassing blooper -as promised (sorry Steve!)

The ideas in the video are by no means the only things that you can do but I do feel like they form an important “base” for us to grow from.

If there’s enough interest (and people struggling to get comments!) then maybe we can go a little deeper and look at things like site layout, motivating copy, timing, etc. Here’s an example of the more advanced things we can explore.

Are you struggling?

Leave a comment and let me know whether you are struggling with this issue. What strategies have you tried? What has worked and what has failed? I’ll be really interested to hear what the more techno savvy Troops think about the issue of social networks killing comments too.


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